Favorite Games of 2018

2018 was a fantastic year for games. Sure there were bad games like every year, but in terms of good stuff, there has been so much. And I haven't nearly scratched the service of it, like every other year. VR suddenly got interesting with games like Beat Saber and Tetris Effect, the Switch expanded on … Continue reading Favorite Games of 2018


7 Games That Were Influential To Me

So the other day I was scrolling through Twitter (which everyone should follow me on) when I came across a hashtag called #GameStruck4, where people list the four games that define them. Of course, I partook in the trend and it made me reminisce on some games that have shaped me or my tastes in some … Continue reading 7 Games That Were Influential To Me

The Big Move | Gaming Stories #2

Now this post is more of a sequel too my last post more than anything. I don't plan to make these stories happen in chronological order with my life persay, so don't expect that with every single post. I mentioned before that my family was from Henderson, Nevada. I was born in Vegas and lived in … Continue reading The Big Move | Gaming Stories #2

My First Experience Playing A Video Game | Gaming Stories #1

Now here's a series that is original and hasn't been done before. I've needed to write more on this blog since I made it back in August 2016, and this is a good way to do it. With this series, I will be opening up about my life and how video games have shaped who … Continue reading My First Experience Playing A Video Game | Gaming Stories #1

Video Games and “Fun”

The whole stigma that video games need to focus on what is conventionally considered "fun" is a closed-minded way of thinking about the art form as a whole and hinders games that take a more nontraditional approach. Now, that is not to say that all games need to push the boundaries in new and artistic ways, far … Continue reading Video Games and “Fun”